Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's Your Problem?

What has you bummed out? Favorite team on a losing streak, low on cash, kids a pain in the ass, “things" changed after you got married? Well, my problem is getting a good cup of coffee in the morning from my home brewer. Of course I am using the freshest Blanchard’s Coffee and of course I am grinding as I brew – but why doesn’t it taste like our shops or Ellwood Thompson’s? Why Why Why – please tell me why? Morning after morning I struggle with this and morning after morning I wake up to a disappointing cup of coffee in comparison to what I know is out there.

Ever hear the saying “there are no problems only solutions”? Yea me too and I always wanted to tell the guy saying it to take a long walk of a very short pier. This is a problem though so what is the solution? Actually, what is the problem? After complaining and wallowing in self pity, I stumbled onto the answer in the most unlikely of places – The Coffee: a 30,000 Foot View presentation by David, Tom and Stephen held at Blanchard’s Coffee shop. Who would have thought to go there for info?

Here is the bottom line - the problem stems from your home brewer not heating the water to 200 degrees BEFORE it goes over the coffee grounds. Two hundred degrees is the magical temperature that pulls the most flavors from the grounds and gives you that perfect cup of coffee. Check your home machines water temperature, mine was 170 degrees. Please also note that 200 degree water brewed over bad coffee will give you really hot bad coffee. Freshly roasted Blanchard’s Coffee is a must.

There is the problem now what is the solution. Very easy – buy a machine that heats your water to 200 degrees. You have very limited choices and here they are: a Bunn Commercial Brewer or a MochaMaster home machine (http://www.technivorm.com/). Please be warned the girl on the MochaMaster web site is so hideous to look at you may want to shield your eyes or have a tissue close by – either works. I have opted for the Bunn Commercial brewer model CW15-TC. This will fit under most cabinets, looks great, uses 110v, and does not need a water hookup. Can’t wait to get it and if this does not work out then I will be attending the next class titled – You are a Loser Get a Life.

Post by Joe O.

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  1. MAGNIFICENT Joe! Dave would be so happy to hear about the Bunn. Is being published all it's cracked up to be?