Friday, November 20, 2009


This is the time of year to give thanks. Personally, I'm glad I don't speak Turkey, because I'm sure they have a lot to say right now.

Here's what's going on in the Blanchard's Coffosphere this Thanksgiving:

*We've got Holiday Blend! It's available this weekend and hereafter. This year's blend is more down to earth, with Indonesian, African, and a smattering of Latin American coffee. It's deep, it's complicated, and it'll make you pause just long enough to stop and smile, even in the midst of all the holiday chaos. Consider each cup your bubble of calm.

DENA'S BACK! Go visit her at the market; she'll be there with Britt!

Blanchard's will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so get all your coffee before the holiday, that way you won't run out with a house full of guests!

The Post-Thanksgiving Market is going to be pretty sweet: Tom and Christina will be there, and all proceeds will go to project: ORIGIN, so that's awesome. If you usually hit up the market on Saturdays, don't miss this one!

Keep brewing,
The Blanchard's Crew

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November?! November.

Hello out there from coffee HQ!

First, a reminder that today is election day! Get out there and vote!

*We've whipped up our test batch of Holiday Blend. It's a little more down to earth this year. Stop by the Lab (downstairs) if the door is open and ask Tom nicely if you want to try some. We'd love your feedback! It will be available for general sale starting 11/16 (which, by the way is Tom's birthday).

Speaking of birthdays, Christina's is Thursday! Shower her with gifts and love.

This Saturday at the market, Tom will be joined by his esteemed other half, Ben, in a rare public appearance. Make Ben work hard to earn his keep. Order lots of coffee.

There will be no Farmer's Market on Saturday 11/14 due to the Richmond Marathon! However, Blanchard's will be set up for success out in front of their building, so you can still buy our coffee outside! Or inside! The choice is yours! Support the runners and drink delicious coffee all at the same time. Also, there's still time to register if you want to run in the Marathon, Half Marathon, or the 8K. (Tom will be doing that one-join him and maybe he'll let you have some home-brewed Blanchard's Coffee at his house after the race--he only lives a mile from the finish line! All the race is providing is McDonald's coffee! Let him know!).

Holiday Gift Boxes are now for sale!

The Blanchard's Coffee Gift Box is our traditional caveat: Three 12 oz. bags of Blanchard's Coffee: Holiday Blend, Dark as Dark, and Swiss Water Brazilian Decaf. $25.00.

We're also providing coffee in the project: ORIGIN gift boxes, which include 12 oz. of Holiday Blend, a project: ORIGIN T-Shirt, and a Tinysaur model (because nothing says ORIGINS like DINOSAURS) to put together! $35.00, and you're supporting a great cause!

So hey, there's plenty to think about!

As always, we're on Twitter & Facebook if you need more ways to get updated on what's going on in Coffeeland.

Keep brewing,

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