Monday, October 22, 2012

RVA Love, Burundi and Ho Ho Holidays

Goodness gracious, there are so many great things happening at Blanchard's Coffee Co.!

RVA Love
We start with an homage to our city, the city we love, the city where we have proudly roasted for nearly EIGHT YEARS; Richmond, Virginia, River City, RVA.
We've been struck by how much RVA pride is out there so we teamed up with RVANews and our visual guru, Page Hayes, to develop a coffee just for our fair city--RVA Exclusive Blend.

Inside that sleek package, you'll find a most excellent blend of Central American and East African coffees that evokes flavors of sweet tobacco, chocolate, black currants and salted caramel.

You can find it at RVANews, several retailers around town and right here!

Grind Preference

Just like last year, we found a most excellent cup of coffee in the Burundian AA Washed and we simply couldn't resist the urge to bring it to you! In the cup, the Burundian is full bodied with luscious and almost salty tart, dark fruit notes--think cherry preserves on brioche. Much deeper in flavor than more coastal East African coffees and sure to please the palate of folks who appreciate a complex cup of coffee.

You can order it here!

Grind Preference

Ho Ho Holidays
We don't like to be one of those companies who start the holiday season seemingly right after the previous holiday season ended, but, it looks like we are. We do want to shout out for our Ho Ho Holiday Blend early though, because it makes an excellent gift and some people like to plan ahead.

In addition, our Holiday Blend is perfect for corporate gifts, client gifts, gift baskets etc. and we're totally willing to be flexible to meet your needs! We also offer Holiday Gift Boxes that include Holiday Blend and two other coffee selections.

If you're interested in pre-ordering Holiday Blend or Holiday Gift Boxes, please contact Stephen Robertson at and he'll be happy to walk you through all the options!