Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sucking Beans

The following post was written by Jonathan Lesko the roaster, rebel and all around good guy;
Keeping the Lab clean is an uphill battle. We got grinds, stray beans, packaging trash and chaff (a byproduct of roasting that is great for compost, causes fires and smells rank). No matter how careful I am around the roasting room, otherwise known as the Lab, I spill beans and grinds all over the floor. Every step, I hear the cracking of roasted beans underneath my feet. Green beans litter the floor as they spill out of the large burlap sacks that store them and which frequently bust open out of sheer wear and tear. Ground coffee also happens to have been our best selling coffee at Ukrop’s, now Martin’s, so it’s always being packaged and also, spilled.

Fortunately, however, we bought a new vacuum cleaner last week and it has made every day at work delightfully cleaner. One source of endless sonic enjoyment is sucking up stray beans off the floor. Our old one (insert shameless pun here) s_ck_d. It often made more of a mess than it cleaned. So I would like to commend it here with a Google image:

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