Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moving Things Around

Where the heck are we?
If you are a die hard Blanchard's Coffee fan (which you totally should be) you've probably heard tell of our leaving the 5047 Forest Hill Avenue location we've inhabited for so long.

Well, we were supposed to be fully operational in our new space by March 5th but, as is often the case with projects involving construction, we had a few hiccups and decided it was best to push the whole thing back one month. That brings us to the end of March and we are DEFINITELY moving--we sort of have no choice because we have to get out of the way of Taza so they can begin their transformation of the 5047 Forest Hill Space.

Starting in April, you'll be able to find us at 700 Bainbridge Street in the Manchester District of Richmond. Our space is coming together, we're meeting (and caffeinating) our neighbors and we're eyeing that Legend Brewing patio with thirsty mouths!

Also on the subject of moving, you may have noticed some changes to our coffee display at Martin's Food Stores if that is where you buy your BCC coffee.
Martin's is undergoing some shelving changes, one of which affects our location in the coffee isle. Where we used to occupy a section of the bottom shelf in most stores, we are now moving to the far left end of the coffee section on the bottom three shelves. The coffee selection should remain the same. If you run into any problem finding your favorite coffee at Martin's please find a manager at the store to help you and, as always, feel free to contact us for help.

One final "moving" note--be sure to swing by Ellwood Thompson's Market to check out the newly opened Ellwood's Cafe, now moved into the main Ellwood Thompson Market space since their take-over of the old Blockbuster space. They're featuring an espresso specially designed here at BCC to their specific espresso machine. They're brewing several of our coffees, including the Clover brewer, and they've got an AWESOME fresh juice and smoothie bar that you simply MUST check out.

Finally, since you were so kind to read our blog, go to our website and use the coupon code BLOGZ for a discount on any order--including our shiny new coffee brewer section!