Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coffee Question Time - Linda Hsu of The Country Club of Virgina

It is "Coffee Question Time" were we ask a few questions of the people that work in or are a part of the coffee industry.

Today on CQT is Linda Hsu of The Country Club of Virginia. Blanchard's Coffee is now being served at Ollie's at the CCV but we hope to spread to all their facilities.

When (what age) did you start drinking coffee?
8th grade

Earliest Coffee memories?
I used to make instant coffee for my piano teacher in the 3rd grade before the lesson.

Favorite coffee drink and why?

Latte. It’s the perfect balance of coffee and milk.

Favorite origin or blend of coffee and why?
Sumatra or Ethiopian. I feel like I could taste the weather.

Have you ever worked specifically in the coffee industry...if so, what did you do?

Current employer and job description?

The Country Club of Virginia
Restaurant Manager

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