Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holidays, Camp Fire, Beer and Boxing Day!

If you guys hadn't noticed, the Holiday Season is fully upon us!
It is hard to believe the year is almost over--especially since we're looking at yet another week of California-esque weather--but according to my calendar, it is definitely December 20th.

First things first--Blanchard's Coffee Co. will be CLOSED on Monday December 26th 2011 in celebration of Boxing Day! Oh wait--we're not British...must've gotten caught up in all the hype about the Margaret Thatcher movie... Nonetheless, we will be closed on Monday the 26th of December to take a little breather (we've roasted a LOT of coffee in the past few weeks), but we will be back in action, albeit gorged on starch and gluten, on Tuesday to fill all of your coffee needs!

Speaking of coffee needs, here's an exciting piece of news: Need Supply Co. and Blanchard's Coffee Co. have partnered to create Camp Coffee--a truly unique coffee blend created to bring the essence of campfire or fireplace to your cup. If you're not familiar with Need Supply Co., it is a Richmond, Virginia based clothing company that is one of the top rated sources of designer and vintage denim (among many other things) in the world. We are extremely honored to be able to work with them to produce Camp Coffee. It is available exclusively at Need Supply Co. in Carytown or on their website.

In other exciting news, we'll be working with Hardywood Park Brewery today to brew a Coffee Stout using Blanchard's Cold Brew Coffee--this Coffee Stout will go up against similar stouts made with coffee from other local roasters and the winner will be the roaster used for a full run of the ale!
So... this is a call to all BCC fans who are also beer drinkers--head down to the downtown Capital Ale House on Wednesday at 5:30 and vote for Blanchard's! For more information, check out the Hardywood Facebook post.

It might seem hard to believe, but there is even more big BCC news on the horizon so stay tuned for that--in the meantime, have a lovely holiday and safe travels!

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