Thursday, October 21, 2010

Caramelized OpiNIONS Checks Out RVA Coffee Scene

Sorry I've been MIA with some travel and other items on my plate but that doesn't mean stuff isn't going on. Check out this great post from Carmelized Opinion that ran last week on the local coffee scene. I'm going to quote the part about us but you need to go over and read the article and the comments.
Of course, this whole personal coffee epiphany has occurred before a backdrop of a larger scene. In the past couple years, Blanchards has risen to prevalence and become Richmond’s home team brew, rivaling if not surpassing Rostov’s. Whatever restaurant your in, if you see a sign that they brew with Blanchard’s, you can bet a cup will be worthwhile. No wonder their name seems to go hand in hand with enthusiasm and local pride. And, no wonder I was so easily swayed to drink high-test coffee again with all that Blanchards around town.

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