Thursday, April 1, 2010

Review of Dark as Dark

The following is from Alexei Yukna who currently resides up in Baltimore and is reprinted in it's entirety. Thanks Alexei.
Full disclosure: Richard is doing some great web/social media work with Blanchard's. Richard sent me some of their dark roast as a friend knowing I love coffee. He didn't ask for feedback, but, here it is:...It's really, really good. Actually, this roast is too good for daily morning drinking for me. It needs to be enjoyed, not slammed down on the way to work. It's a perfect Sat/Sun morning, taking it slow roast. Even in my Cuisinart drip-thing maker and being pre-ground (I'm looking for a new grinder), it's full bodied and fresh tasting. I'm not one to have the wine-like flavor compositions quite down, but, I can say that this has some earthy undertones- wood, smoky, etc. When I opened up the bag to transfer it to my trusty air-tight stainless steel coffee holder, the smell took over the entire kitchen, so, there's that too.-------------Anyway, really good stuff. try as a company might by showering me with stuff (try!!!), I don't give endorsements lightly. For me, something is either well done and has a lot of heart, or, it sucks. This is "not suck" stuff. For those of us a bit too far north, link is in Richard's post. Support local, small businesses folks!

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