Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Last Farmers Market Contest Giveaway-O-rama

Not the last forever just the last before the South of the James Farmers Market opens up this Saturday. The prize this time is a pound of coffee and a Blanchard's tee shirt. Just tell us your favorite place to drink coffee in RVA in the comments and we will pick one on Sunday.


  1. OK, so I know you probably want people to share places other could visit easily, but my favorite place to drink (Blanchard's) coffee is the bright green chair in our family room that is flooded with morning sunshine and looks out into the backyards and my gradually developing gardens. Ahhh...!

  2. I left the quesiton open ended hoping for answers exactly like yours katybeth, sounds delightful.

  3. And my favorite place to drink my coffee is sitting in my back porch - enjoying the fresh air and watching my hounds relax in the sunshine.