Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Coffee Tip::Don't Stock Up

As you probably know, at Blanchard's Coffee Co. we believe that fresh coffee is the best coffee. We use all the resources at our disposal to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible when you buy a bag of Blanchard's and then it is in your hands. One of the ways you can be sure you're drinking fresh, delicious coffee is to buy your beans in small quantities.
Unless you live in some remote wilderness cabin only accessible by snowmobile or pack dogs, there is no real reason to bulk-buy your coffee--sure, I know you don't want to run out and be left coffee-less on a Wednesday morning so a little simple planning is in order. Lets be honest, chances are you're visiting your coffee shop or grocery store at least twice a week so it isn't out of your way to pick up a small amount of coffee at least twice a week.
Buying small quantities of your favorite beans means you will likely use them before air, moisture and light  begin to destroy the oils that give your coffee flavor. The longer your coffee sits waiting to be brewed the less it will taste like the fresh roasted bean you purchased, and no one wants flat, boring coffee right?
So the next time you find yourself holding five pounds of Dark as Dark in the line at Ellwood Thompson Market, take pause; try going with one pound, or maybe even a half pound. When you're back in a couple days to pick up some kombucha or Legend Barleywine, pick up another bag; I think you'll see an improvement in the flavor of each cup. Besides, we really like seeing you around more often!

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