Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inside the Mind of One of Richmond's Best

Heather Johnson is a barista at Ellwood's Cafe and was selected as a Staff Pick in this month’s Best & Worst Issue of Richmond Magazine. The Ellwood's blog has a great interview with pictures (including the one above) that lets you learn a little more about Heather. My favorite question and answer is below but check out the previous link for much more.

What’s the secret behind latte art? How many years in the Columbian jungle and the Italian Alps did you have to train?

It’s all about the way you steam the milk so that it’s perfectly creamy. We call it “sexy milk” thanks to Michael King, and it took about year of training for me to perfect it.

I'm also a little partial to this;
Any last words?

I want to thank Counter Culture for the training, as well as Blanchard’s local coffee for the great beans, Michael King and… Hi mom!
Congrats on the recognition, Heather and thanks to Ellwood's for the blog post.

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