Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To Market, To Market

Well folks, another market season has come and is nearly gone. This saturday, December 5, is our last farmer's market of the year!

Come relive all your wonderful memories as we hibernate for six months (and have weekends for a change!). Dena, Britt, and a spot of Tom will be there to see you through this traumatic occasion. But don't worry, Blanchard's Coffee is still gettable on Saturday mornings, just up the road from where market will have been. Was. Will have was been. Well, you get/got/will have gotten the gist, there; tenses be damned.

December's Coffee of the Month is going out in the mail today, and if you're on Dena's delivery route, it could be at your door right now, listening to you as you read this blog. Thankfully, we train all of our coffee to wait patiently without divulging anything it sees or hears, so your web surfing habits are safe.

Remember you can order gift boxes from Blanchard's Coffee or project: ORIGIN!

Until next time...

-the Blanchard's Crew

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Closed Sundays.

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